Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Thommy Boy

At least two of us contributors are devout Thom Yorke-ists, and on the previous mix CD Joel included a Thom Yorke solo track called Atoms for Peace. It looks like he helped form a new band with Flea and some other slightly famous dudes using the track's title as the band name. I heard about it on the All Songs Considered podcast. The Radiohead legacy is nothing to be effed with, but I don't worship their toenails or anything. The discussion on the podcast is mainly about how they put their music together. It's some kind of electronic free-form collaboration, which definitely interests me currently. Listen to it here.

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  1. They had a download of a track from the album. I think they posted the artwork for the new album that was extremely widescreen (you had to side scroll on the web page many times to view the whole thing). If you hovered over one spot it was a link to the download. I think you can stream it in its entirety now and the new album is set to be released soon.