Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Letter to the Brothers (An Introduction)


I'm finally getting around to asking if you would like to start an annual mix CD exchange.  Since there are four of us, we would rotate quarterly somehow; perhaps with the seasons.  I call winter!  Who will take spring?  Because you are next.

I miss collaborating with you all.  When we get together, it seems we have a great time goofing around and talking nonsense, just as we did in our youths of yesteryear, when we made G.I. Joe and LEGO and movies and P.S.A.'s.  But with us all living in different cities now, I feel those times are too few and far between.

We used to have access to what seemed like an endlessly great collection of music when we lived together, with four of us in pursuit of the next big thing.  I want to get a piece of that back.  I want to know what you have discovered, and maybe you'll enjoy something I have found.

To accompany this mix CD exchange, I created a blog, where we can each contribute and administrate.  We can discuss our mixes, as well as any other topics for which any of us wishes an outlet.  I will likely post album reviews.  There could be book, movie or play reviews.  You could post your poetry or fiction, photographs, scientific discoveries, golf scores, or an historical exposé.

It sounds like boring blog stuff, but I think the magic will be with the four of us working on it together, like Voltron, or Captain Planet, or the Power Rangers.  Perhaps it would attract outside readers, and we could become rich and famous!  But if it doesn't, we should at least be able to entertain each other.



P.S. This is all possible, of course, if you guys have the time and/or interest.  I will not be the least bit insulted  if you don't, especially because you've read this far down the letter and have given my pitch a chance without shredding it into tiny bits and pieces!

*Reid appears courtesy of May Brothers Productions

May Brothers Mix CD #1